Friday, October 24, 2008


Studio Manager, GAry Parry-has organized a set of 8 Bus Stops
throughout the Los Angeles Basin. We are parked from outside of
ABC STUDIOS, Universal City, WEstin Bonaventure, and a few other
city areas. Do stop by and pay us a visit. LOL...


Susan Cegarra said...

Hi Hernan, congratulations! It's great to see how good you're doing! and an honor to have you teaching at WPPI 2009. Everybody, do not miss the opportunity to see Hernan teach Illustrative Photography

maria said...

Hola Hernan!
I was extremely happy to once again work with you even though this time I was not being photogtaphed, I enjoy being a part of your team and always love to see the end results of your efforts. Your profesionalism and great sence of humor enables you to bring out your subjects natural expressive beauty. You have a talent like no other and the images look incredible.

Thank you and Gary so much for all you have done for PMT,
i look forward to working with you both again soon.

maria g. ruvalcaba
premier models talent

**We look good here** LOL! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hernan Photography Studios. I saw your work at the west end of the Valley. It is wonderful how you are progressing and simply soaring so well in the industry. Keep up the excellent work! Keep us posted where we can view your work.

TJ said...

Congratulations & well done on the SPIDER awards. Excellent work!

Gisela Prishker said...

That look so nice Good job my friend

Henrik (oboy) said...

Interesting idea with the bus stops. Good luck!