Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Having been selected to be on the Tamron blog team of professional photographers presents another venue to share some helpful techniques ready for you to put to use, and feature great Tamron products, so cruise by and check us out sometime...

The Fashion "ABLE" Lens...
I recently took on an assignment with Hollywood Models, to photograph four of their fashion models for print and web use. The stage was set for a full day of shooting both studio and outdoors, with a combination of flash and natural light. Keeping this in mind, my main concern, was in using a lens that was both sharp and versatile. Coincidentally, the guys at TAMRON had shipped out to me the anticipated AF70-200mm F/2.8 lens, which arrived a day before the shoot. Timing could not have been any better. My first thought upon carrying the lens was the weight. It seemed like something I could carry all day-which I did. Not to mention the sleek “fashionable” asthetics. “Very cool” I thought. Considering the lens arrived later in the day, I didn’t have much time to shoot, but flowers in the garden at the full aperture of 2.8. Nice images but I'm shooting models not flowers. LoL. Nothing against shooting nature, which is an art all on its own. I quickly decided I would use this one lens to cover the task at hand - something I normally don’t do without proper testing. Throughout the progression of the day, shooting the 70-200 in many scenerios, surpassed all of my expectations.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

CD Cover, Mario Reyes-Former Gipsy King

Congratulations Mario! Collaboration on this project was great. Thanks to Uno Productions and our collabrative team, we pulled off a great shot for the launch of Mario's new CD.

Our best wishes.



Muchas gracias Oscar & Punto por esta gran oportunidad. Estaremos pronto lanzando varios talleres con PUnto.
Porfavor visiten nos en la clase de photoshop en WPPI.

Many Thanks to Oscar, Monica, and the Punto Magazine staff for the opportunity to work with you and featuring my Photoshop article. Stay Tuned All! Look for future Photoshop user seminars Punto Magazine & I will be featuring soon.