Sunday, March 30, 2008



Anonymous said...

I am not by any means a professional, but I found your article on "Facial Analysis" really fascinating. It's amazing to see the striking difference between the three photos. The slenderness of the jawline in the middle picture really beautifies the subject even more (along with the intensity in her eyes).When I take pictures (just for fun), I am often asked, 'which is my good side?' I've often shrugged it off or responded with a chuckle that both sides are equally appealing. From now on, whenever I hear that question, I will wonder exactly which is the good side.

TJ said...

Your information is so clear and quite understandable; I want to explore more to expand to new levels...merci monsieur

hernan photography said...

Thanks Anonymous
Keep at it...learning and exploring. You never know what you do “just for fun” may end up taking you.

hernan photography said...

Hey TJ
Thanks for K.I.T.

Veronica Leal said...

Ooookay Hernan. Your method of facial analysis is waaay to hard. There is a much easier approach of determining a person's good/bad side of the face without ever having to take a photo or having to turn on a light. It is based on mere symmetry and the geometrey of a person's face. I'd love to chat with you sometime about it. I can explain it in 2 minutes!
See you at WPPI. I plan to catch your class. ;)